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About SeedPrint

SeedPrint has been a leader in seed packet printing since it was founded in 1992. Located in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, SeedPrint is a designer and supplier of innovative packaging products for seed sellers around the United States and Canada. SeedPrint's mission has been to help our customers maximize sales and profits by providing marketing advice as well as high-quality seed packets and seed can labels at a competitive price. In an effort to live up to this mission, we have taken a number of steps to make it a reality.

In February 2008, Excelsior Printing Company announced the acquisition of the assets and business of SeedPrint. Excelsior Printing Company has been printing seed packets for more than fifty years and has been a supplier to SeedPrint since the company's founding in 1992. This merger has united two long-term partners and will ensure the stability and growth of SeedPrint's business going forward. Since February, investments have been made in production equipment, personnel, expanded services, and new pictures.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Beautiful Image

The foundation of a successful seed packet envelope program is a library of top quality vegetable, flower and herb pictures. SeedPrint is proud to represent the picture library of Nova Photo Grafik. Located in Vienna, Austria, Nova is the world's largest horticultural image library, with 26 world-wide partners, growing grounds and greenhouse photo stations in Holland, France and Australia. This library now includes over 100,000 horticultural images. SeedPrint is proud to represent what many believe is the world's finest and most up-to-date horticulture picture library.

Customer Service

With 150 years of combined industry experience, Excelsior, SeedPrint and Nova have a sincere appreciation for customer needs and expectations, and all three companies are known for their integrity, quality of products, and customer focus. Our employees have a sincere appreciation for customer needs and wants. As manufacturers and marketers of seed packets, SeedPrint's combined knowledge drives our goal to provide outstanding service, top quality and innovative products.

We appreciate your continuing support.